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Move to better music

2012-04-10 02:03:32 by ElementHeroX

I've been making remixes for the past 5 months with my FL Studio 10 and have a new youtube channel for it. I just forgot to post it on here. Make sure to check it out because it definately beats the stuff I uploaded with my old software.

Music Updates

2010-10-24 19:05:27 by ElementHeroX

I am impresed with my Cosmic Wall remix hopefully it will become my most popular remix for now. I am beginning to fully remix songs with new techniques. Listen when you can and that is all.

Sonic 3 Final Boss Remix

2010-03-05 23:26:52 by ElementHeroX

I finally made a pretty decent remix of this song. Go to my audio and listen to it when you can.


2010-02-27 22:55:23 by ElementHeroX

Yep thats right I have finally submitted something on Newgrounds. Check out my music when you can.

Well good news. Christmas I will be getting DrawPlus X2 and SwishMax to make animations for newground. Apparently the Adobe deal would have cost me over $1,200 dollars so I will stick to the $140 deal. My first animation will be a serious short about one hero versus an army of 1,000 dark monsters to avenge his love. Hope it will be really good.

Animation Idea

2008-07-19 05:59:36 by ElementHeroX

Hey there well I came up with an awesome animation idea. So I decided to share it. Okay so here is how it goes. You see a tournament is being held and warriors from different dimensions are brought to it. The main story will focus on Earth's greatest hero Element Hero. Element Hero has the power of every Element including is ultimate form his True Power Form which has unlimited power. The competators have no idea who the founder of the tournament is though. Element Hero something is up with the tournemant. He meets new friends and rivals. And possibaly his soulmate. The tournament is being held in a dimmension called the Zacora Dimmension. A dimmension of strange lands. And that is my idea. So if you want to make an animation I would be glad to give you the entire storyline and the designs of Element Hero. I can't make it because my computer is kinda crappy and I have no good animation software yet.

Game Ideas

2008-06-03 22:15:49 by ElementHeroX

Hey there its me. I now realize that I can come up with some pretty dang good game ideas. If you want one just message me.